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📢 Self-managed Landlords: What is RIGHT-to-RENT?! What changed today?! Everything you need to know... All right here 📩

1️⃣ What is Right-to Rent? (RtR)

➡ Every Tenant in the UK must have a right to rent a property - without this right, they are PROHIBITED from renting ✋
➡ This right can either be granted permanently or it may only last for a specific period of time 👍
➡ Landlords who become aware that their occupiers have no RtR are guilty of the offence of letting to a DISQUALIFIED person 🚫
➡ Landlords have a statutory defence if they are taking reasonable steps to remove the Tenant from the property and have performed all checks on time ✅

2️⃣ What changed today, 1st July?

➡ Landlords must check the IMMIGRATION STATUS of their prospective Tenant at the outset of the Tenancy 🆔
➡ Up until now, Landlords were required to check a Tenant's NATIONALITY 🛂

3️⃣ How can Landlords carry out RtR checks?

➡ Landlords will need to make either digital checks using the Home Office online checking service or hard copy checks (in person or remotely) 🤳
➡ Digital checks are done on the Government's portal using a unique SHARE CODE and DATE OF BIRTH (both to be provided by the Tenant) 🔢
➡ Click here to see the portal: https://lnkd.in/ddnXJfw 🔍
➡ Alternatively, Tenants can offer hard copy documents for an in person or remote/video-call check 📋
➡ Note: Remote/video-call checks are only PERMISSABLE until 31 August 2021 🎟

4️⃣ Checking citizens in EXISTING Tenancies

➡ Tenants from outside the EEA will usually have a timed RtR, therefore checks must be completed to run line with these timings ⏳
➡ For EEA citizens whose Tenancies started prior to 30 June 2021, there is no requirement to carry out retrospective checks ♾
➡ A new check only needs to take place within 28 days from the start of any new Tenancy 🆕

5️⃣ What if Tenants fail a follow-up check?

➡ If a follow-up check reveals that a Tenant no longer has a valid RtR or Tenants refuse to undergo follow-up checks, Landlords must make a report to the Home Office 📜

6️⃣ What are the penalties?

➡ THIS IS SERIOUS! The RtR scheme carries significant enforcement with civil penalties of up to £3,000 per disqualified person and as repeat offences are taken into account, this can escalate to criminal convictions and prison sentences ⚠

7️⃣ Can I download a PDF guide that tells me EVERYTHING I need to know?

➡ Yes!! Here you go: https://lnkd.in/d9f9J66 📩

🙋‍♂️ Need help on this? Contact our EXPERTS 🦹‍♀️🦸‍♂️ - we'll advise you on the BEST practice to ensure you are PROTECTED ✅


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Posted 01 July 2021
by Ali Baylav Managing Director Cavendish Residential

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