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Hello reader, hoping all is well with you. 

Wow, out of nowhere - a leaked report last night suggesting that the Government were going to release Estate and Letting Agents as one of the first industries out of lock-down - and that speculation has just been confirmed with the publication of the latest guidelines having just been issued. 

Doesn't mean we are all rushing to the offices right now, we will continue with our OPEN ONLINE service - take the time to PLAN PLAN PLAN - for us, SAFETY is the NUMBER 1 DETERMINING FACTOR. 

I will keep you posted with any changes that we make. For now though, for you as our valued customers - we are here - available on email and telephone as usual.

In this newsletter, I'll share my 14 point summary of this guidance and touch on our plans for heading back to the offices. 

As always, updates on other areas will be sent out in due course.

Highlights from the latest guidance


To save you time, here are some highlights I've picked out that may be of interest: 

  1. Estate and Letting agents can open for business
  2. You can put your home on the market and start to look for properties you want to move into
  3. You can begin to market your home and agents are able to visit in order to take photos/videos of the property
  4. Viewings should be conducted by appointment only
  5. Open Houses are still prohibited 
  6. You are free to make or accept an offer or reserve a property as normal
  7. Your surveyor can undertake surveys of the property you wish to purchase
  8. EPC assessors are free to visit properties to carry out surveys
  9. Removal firms are able to operate
  10. Developers and New Builds can continue with sales during this period
  11. Inspectors can carry out warranty assessments on new build properties
  12. Tradespeople are permitted to enter and work on property
  13. Landlords should make every effort to abide by gas and electrical safety requirements
  14. Conveyancers can open for business and can take on new instructions

Where can I read the full document?


For further information and detail, you can read the full publication by clicking here.

Plans for re-opening our offices


As mentioned at the start of this article, we certainly are not rushing to our offices today - whatever the guidance may be, this is not the time for a 'free for all', the virus is still at a very serious stage and we have all seen how deadly it continues to be.

Key questions that we will focus on over the coming weeks:

  • Do we really need our high street presence at the moment? 
  • Do we need everybody back in the office? 
  • Team A and Team B maybe - to preserve a 'Covid secure' environment for staff and customers?

Even in just the 3 points above, there is plenty to consider and therefore, every decision we make in terms of returning to our offices will be well planned meticulously with SAFETY being our ultimate priority. 

Stay connected and follow us for the latest...


I am sending out live updates on my Twitter account, click here for details.

Plus, you can connect with us on our Company pages: 

Personal note from me...

Okay so I knew that ARLA and Property Mark had been working with the Government to safely restart the housing market - but I wasn't expecting this so soon. 

It does feel a bit weird I guess - officially, we are permitted to go into LOTS of homes yet we are not permitted to visit the people closest to us - parents, grandparents etc. 

Shows the importance the Government have placed in the Housing Market and for us, as agents in the work that we do - I mentioned the double dose of pent-up demand in the last newsletter, people are wanting to get on and move which will most certainly create momentum for spending in all sectors of the economy.  

As property professionals, we have been given this opportunity - the responsibility of easing the lock-down and helping people to move. I can assure you, we take our role in this extremely seriously. Social distancing and minimising the risk of contamination is PARAMOUNT - our actions must not create another kick-start to the virus. 

As always, through good times and bad, Cavendish Residential has always been here, consistently seeing our clients through  - we will do our level best to stay safe whilst providing you excellent service and a maximum return. 

All the best for now with sincerest regards, Ali. 

Posted 13 May 2020
by Ali Baylav Managing Director Cavendish Residential

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